onsdag 12 december 2012

4 Sun safety tips - how to protect yourself from UV

few tips to protect yourself from exposing too much to harmful sun UV ray (ultra voilet ray ). you may know those ray are cause of skin cancer and some skin cancer specialy malignant melanoma are harmful  and can spread fast.

anyway 4 sun safety protect your skin are given below -

  1. avoid artificial tanning like sunlamp or tanning booth. those have bad impact on our skin.
  2. if possible avoid direct sun light from  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. but if you have to go out side on those time use long sleevs cloth and long pant and a white hat if possible. use sunscreen too.
  3. use sunglass to protect your eyes and it's surronding areas to protect from direct sunlight.
  4. have a routine check up by your doctor to know if you have risk of skin cancer like malignant melonma.

below image will show you more about UV protection


by the way next about vitamin D :

if we avoid harmful sunlight UV , then how can we get our needed Vitamin D from sun ?


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