onsdag 12 december 2012

4 Sun safety tips - how to protect yourself from UV

few tips to protect yourself from exposing too much to harmful sun UV ray (ultra voilet ray ). you may know those ray are cause of skin cancer and some skin cancer specialy malignant melanoma are harmful  and can spread fast.

anyway 4 sun safety protect your skin are given below -

  1. avoid artificial tanning like sunlamp or tanning booth. those have bad impact on our skin.
  2. if possible avoid direct sun light from  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. but if you have to go out side on those time use long sleevs cloth and long pant and a white hat if possible. use sunscreen too.
  3. use sunglass to protect your eyes and it's surronding areas to protect from direct sunlight.
  4. have a routine check up by your doctor to know if you have risk of skin cancer like malignant melonma.

below image will show you more about UV protection


by the way next about vitamin D :

if we avoid harmful sunlight UV , then how can we get our needed Vitamin D from sun ?


måndag 10 december 2012

Spray Tan - is it a good option !!

even though spray tanning is a kind of sunless tanning or has no UV ray side effects ..it can be a bad idea to use spray tan according to Dr.Monica Gaughan which was published in online news of Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia.

He told so as - FDA do not approved external use os spray tan yet. this means breathing or taking spray for internal use prohobited. Tanning spray might damage ones DNA.


we need to use sunless tanning to stop being exposed with UV. but spray tan should be avoided for possible side effects, you can use idol tan as alternative

Note that study was not conducted upon human but was conducted upon mice and cells.Source http://gradynewsource.uga.edu/tele5560/spray-tan-dangers/

söndag 9 december 2012

idol tan scam or real deal for woman

sunless tanning is becoming popular these days among many men and women. i tried many but i really impressed by one particular product called idol tan. below you can see my review of that product.

my idol tan review Video !!

you can visit visit http://tinyurl.com/IdolTanFree for more info and for free bottle of idol tan



Tanning bed trouble !

hi i am using tanning bad to look darker and beautiful . is there any side effect ..

one of the common question among the readers . many of us do not know that there are some bad effect taking UV radiation from tanning beds. 

recent research conducted by  International Agency for Research on Cancer that . tanning bad uv ray can cause class one cancer among users. some country already banning indoor tanning. for example Brazil has banned tanning beds for future harmful skin cancer effect among their people.
you will be shocked to know that skin cancer victims are more than other cancers victims like  breast, colon, and lung cancer combined.
yet skin cancer is less highlighted in media than that of other cancer. 
there are no special month, robin, or rally for skin cancer. but skin cancer like malignant melanoma can be deadly and fast spreading in our body.  one of the reason for having malignant melanoma is exposing too much UV ray. 

We should look for alternative of Tanning bad . sunless tanning products like idol tan can be a good option. you will not have to expose UV ray  when using those product but you will get darker and beautiful color.